Why It Works

We work on transformation. Transformation of organizations happen when learning and growth are a priority. When it’s relevant because we build it together. When it lives in your culture (even when we aren’t there). When we measure it and continue to do the things that work.

Crosley, Inc. believes that self awareness is the beginning of any healthy coaching or training relationship. We utilize the Hogan Assessment as the first step in working with our clients. The Hogan assessment is one of the few scientifically and mathematically proven assessments. There are 3 inventories that we use with our clients.

HPI – Hogan Potential Inventory. Assesses your “bright side” personality, or how we relate to others on our best days. Very specific measurement of almost 100 personality traits – both the ones that inspire others around you and the ones that don’t. It’s not about fixing, it’s about managing. All of the traits measured on this inventory are coachable.

MVPI – Hogan Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory. Assesses your personality from the inside. The core values, goals, drivers and interests that determine what we desire and go after. Unlike the HPI, these are not coachable. It is what it is.

HDS – Hogan Development Survey. Measures the “dark side” of your personality. Meaning the you that emerges during times of increased strain or stress. Most of these behaviors are unidentified and ignored by each of us. These behaviors can damage or disrupt relationships. The idea is to recognize them and neutralize before that happens.

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