Who We Are

Crosley, Inc. is…

We are sales veterans with an innovative approach. Each company is different, as are its people. We’ve worked in many different industries with different size companies. That diverse experience allows us to tailor our training and coaching to what’s going on in your world. While companies have common problems and opportunities, the culture dictates how we approach a solution. We believe the best work gets done when companies and people have the courage to get real and intentional about growth. We are interested in being in the thick of it. We do our best work in the toughest, most challenging situations.

Brooke Crosley

Brooke has been coaching leaders and sales teams for 20 years. She fell in love with helping people learn and grow while she was being coached. Brooke’s career started in the operation side of business. After moving into sales she felt completely lost and like she had made the biggest mistake of her life. This is when she had the opportunity to have her first experience with coaching. She learned the value of thinking, planning, process and language. Most importantly, she learned the value of being herself.

Brooke’s path started in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she had dreams of being a professional dancer. When that dream didn’t pan out she chose real work experience to figure out what else she could be passionate about. Brooke found herself in roles where the path was not always clear cut. She really enjoyed the learning and figuring out the best way to move things forward. At the suggestion of Brooke’s Dad, she took her problem solving skills to a career in logistics, selling and Indianapolis over 20 years ago. After being the #1 salesperson for over 10 years, she decided to take the thinking and tools that had contributed to her success and use them to train sales people. She was a partner in a sales and leadership coaching firm for over 9 years before going out on her own in 2015.

Brooke is passionate about the human part of business. Healthy minded, skilled employees help companies to grow and be successful. Crosley, Inc. does their best work with complex people and problems. The love of their work is evident in the results that they achieve alongside their clients.