What We Do

Sales Training & Coaching

We work with anyone inside of an organization who impacts the client relationship. Traditionally, sales coaching and training has been saved for front line salespeople. That is only part of the story. Healthy thinking and communication should be part of your entire organization. We will design training and coaching for both groups and individuals to take your organization from where you are currently to where you want to be.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is the ability to inspire, influence, and impact those around you. We work with current and emerging leaders to help them with self-awareness and an understanding of how they show up to others. Working with the Hogan Assessment, input from colleagues, and the leaders’ personal development plans, we create a road map for taking not only the individual we are working with, but those around them, to the next level.

Return on Investment

Human beings are your company’s largest investment. We believe you should be getting the most from that investment. It’s about how your people are positioned—not only in the market, but inside of your own organization. Both have a measurable impact on your company’s health and success. Crosley, Inc. helps companies determine how they want to be positioned, where they are currently, and how they can get to where they want to be. With our clients, we determine key result measures for each step of the way in order to keep us on track. If our methods aren’t proving effective, being flexible and open to change keeps the process relevant.

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