How We Work


Identify the stakeholders within your organization. These are the people on your team that will own the relationship with Crosley, Inc. There is consistent communication on what we’re working on, areas we should be paying attention to, and where we’re headed next.


We work with you to decide who will be part of the coaching, and we spend time with each of them. Successful coaching and training is all about the trust and rapport of the relationship. If it’s not there, we want to know early on.


We utilize the Hogan assessment to assess each individual that will be working with us. The Hogan helps us to get a snapshot of the individual, and it’s the first step in self awareness. The assessment, along with the responsibilities and vision of each individual, help us to build a road map for coaching and training.


While the companies that we work with share a lot of the same challenges and opportunities, the human beings and the culture all differ. Because of that, we customize our programs per client. A typical engagement includes the Hogan Assessment, group work, and time with each individual, 1 on 1. We become a virtual part of your team. We are passionate about your organization, but detached enough from your culture to remain unbiased. This keeps us relevant throughout the process.


It’s important to the coaching and training process to measure progress. Depending on the work that we do within an organization, we’ll measure things like profitable revenue growth, client engagement, human development, and employee retention.


We celebrate the full spectrum of your organization’s achievements, from the tiniest changes and growth to the biggest wins. It’s all important. It all matters. Celebrating milestones keeps your team engaged and excited about “what next.” Celebrating helps us all do the hard stuff.

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